How to Boost Sales by Bundling Creative T-shirts

T-shirt Messages

March 25, 2021 |Written by Guest Contributor Pam Nurrie Why Sell T-shirts? T-shirts can be visually impactful, emotionally stimulating, and long lasting.  Someone once said to me, “It’s not the t-shirt that is important, it’s the memory it makes.” I can remember the first t-shirt I ever got. I bet you can, too. Or at … Continued

What’s the difference between a Tri-Blend and a Dryblend T-Shirt?

  March 12 2021| Written by Serena Stoetzer    What is a tri-blend t-shirt?  When picking a garment to showcase your next amazing graphic the options are endless.  T-shirts come in a variety of fabric choices, from 100% cotton, to a combination of both cotton and polyester. Deciding on a garment really comes down to … Continued

Screenprinting dates back 1000 years

March 1, 2021 | Written by guest contributor Pam Nurrie The history of screen-printing is as rich as it is old. During the Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD), screen-printing originated in China to transfer designs onto fabrics. An interesting fact is that the Song Dynasty was the first nation to issue paper money. Japan was one … Continued

What is Screen Printing?

February 26 2021| Written by Serena Stoetzer    What Is Screen Printing? Screen printing is a printing technique where mesh is used to transfer ink onto a garment. The result is an awesome printed design on your favorite piece of clothing. It’s used in many different industries, but here at Eagle we use it primarily … Continued

The Classic Tie Dye is Back and Better Than Ever

February 05 2021| Written by Serena Stoetzer    *DIY not required  The once-dead fashion trend is making a surprising comeback and has shown staying power through several seasons. Incorporate fresh and vibrate colors into your everyday wardrobe with these new designs. Tie dye isn’t just for summer anymore. With long sleeve and sweatshirt options, you … Continued

How to Get Attention with Private Label Garments

February 04, 2021| Written by Guest Contributor Pam Nurrie How to Get Attention with Private Labeling Garments Have you ever worn a shirt with an itchy tag? As a great replacement to traditional sew-on tags, tagless labels are growing in popularity. Whether it’s a t-shirt, hoodie, or tank, consumers are turning to comfortable options for … Continued

How to Update the Hoodie with this New Trend

January 19 2020 | Written by Guest Contributor Pam Nurrie How to Update the Hoodie With This New Fashion Trend Discover the exciting new colors, techniques, and fabric options for Fashion Applique Embroidery has been a popular method of embellishing clothing for thousands of years. Computerized machine embroidery came along and upped the game by … Continued

How to Sell More Brewery Merch

January 15 2020 | Written by Guest Contributor Pam Nurrie How to Sell More Brewery Merch Photo Credit Dogancan Ozturan – Unsplash 8 Ways to Capture Crafty Followers and Get Free Advertising Who doesn’t love a great t-shirt? Especially a t-shirt that represents your company and craft beer label. Just imagine the possibility of having … Continued

New Brand Alert, Midwest Safety Gear

December 28 2020 | Written by Serena Stoetzer Eagle products has been working on something for many months now and we are very excited to share this news with our community. After much research and dedication, we’ve decided to add a new brand to the family! Midwest Safety Gear was specifically created to make it … Continued

Murphy, The Masai Giraffe, Celebrates His 20th Birthday!

December 14 2020 | Written By Serena Stoetzer   On Monday, December 17th the Lehigh Valley Zoo is celebrating another year with their treasured giraffe. Murphy, the Masai giraffe will celebrate his 20th birthday just before the new year. We are all grateful to have Lehigh Valley Zoo as not only a client but a … Continued

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