Our Goal

Eagle Products offers personalized apparel programs in both retail and wholesale, no matter the client’s needs or the size of the order. Individuals and companies can create customizable logos for their hometown, restaurant, state, patriotic slogan, lodge, region, or any private brand.

Eagle Products focuses on businesses and individuals with cutting edge designs and an experienced customer service team.

About Eagle Products

Eagle Products have been continuing to grow and improve the custom-print t-shirt industry since its founding in 1966. Eagle Products soon moved to a larger downtown facility after expanding with larger business clients. At that time, Eagle Products started adding more sales representatives to cover a wider geographical area and specialize in souvenirs, gifts, and resort businesses.

Eagle Products has a stellar reputation in its industry for delivering custom made t-shirts on time, offering experienced customer service, and designing products that retail well in a myriad of industries and areas. Unlike many custom t-shirt retailers, Eagle Products offers not only adult products but an extensive line of youth and children’s products as well, including an entire personalized summer brand for toddlers and kids.

Multiple artistic design formats, including lettering and icons, as well as an array of brands give Eagle Products a leg-up in the competitive custom t-shirt market with enough to suit any individual client’s needs, no matter the size of their enterprise. The Eagle Products pre-print program is also a huge selling point, offering popular multi-colored designs for adult and youth apparel. These garments are pre-printed and stocked in popular colors, backed by a stellar customer service team, and ready for immediate shipment.

To order Eagle Products’ personalized t-shirts online as well as wholesale custom made t-shirts for individual gifts, all that’s required of new customers is to select the garment and the desired location within the United States and its territories. The Eagle Products service team ensures quick delivery on all its most popular items.