February 04, 2021| Written by Guest Contributor Pam Nurrie

How to Get Attention with Private Labeling Garments

Have you ever worn a shirt with an itchy tag? As a great replacement to traditional sew-on tags, tagless labels are growing in popularity. Whether it’s a t-shirt, hoodie, or tank, consumers are turning to comfortable options for their everyday wear.

Check out the wow factor of private labeling: This before and after showcases pad printing.

Even though we’ve experienced technological advances, pad printing has been around for centuries and is the same process. Inks have come a long way in offering resilience and color options.
The pad printing process is pretty straight forward. The pad absorbs the ink and stamps the ink onto the garment. Although, the pad printer is an essential piece of equipment, the ink is the most important. Pad printing inks consist of pigment, solvent, resins, and additives. The pigment comes in a powdered form, the solvent is thinner (not the same that you’d purchase from a hardware store, though), and resins form the ink and additives that aid in flexibility and pigment stability.

The Development of the Clothing Label

Unionists initially used clothing labels to show activism against employers. As unions became more solidified in the workplace, union type labels attracted customers who preferred buying union-made products.

A union label was sometimes called a union bug. However, it was either a label, mark, or emblem and was a way to advertise the employees making the product belonged to labor unions. After World War II, labels became a mere marketing tool to promote brands. But they also provided essential instructions on how to care for the clothing. 

Besides pad printing, there are other ways to print tags, such as: 

When tagless garments came to the market a few years ago, they were a smash hit. And now, as people are continuing to look for more comfort in their clothing, higher-end, lighter, and softer garments are filling the gap. Adding your logo and branding to garments is a great way to make your customers happy and promote your company.

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