February 05 2021| Written by Serena Stoetzer 


*DIY not required 

The once-dead fashion trend is making a surprising comeback and has shown staying power through several seasons. Incorporate fresh and vibrate colors into your everyday wardrobe with these new designs. Tie dye isn’t just for summer anymore. With long sleeve and sweatshirt options, you can stay rocking these looks year round. 


Desert Rose
Minty Rainbow
Blue Jerry


Blue Ocean
Multi Rainbow
Spider Pink


We’re not going to lie, we have been loving the tie-dye trend so much that we decided to add some new pieces to our 2021 collection!

Here’s some tie dye from our new 2021 drop.


St. Lucia

If you are drawn to brighter tie dye, we suggest these prints. 

Pastel Neon

For more pastel or muted options, check these out!

Cotton Candy
Jelly Bean
Desert Rose


Wear these blank or customize with your logo, school, hashtag, or slogan. With many options to choose from, there is a color palette for everyone. If you haven’t embraced the tie-dye clothing trend, there’s no better time than now.

View our entire 2021 Tie Dye & Brights Catalog by clicking the link below!

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Tie Dye & Brights 2021 Catalog


How would you wear these tie-dye creations? Comment below!

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